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Paint Correction: Services

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing surface imperfections such as swirls and scratches, etching, holograms, oxidation, marring, etc.. via machine polishing on a vehicle's paint (or more accurately, clear coat). There are varying degrees of paint correction, each aimed at the many different levels of defects that a vehicle may have. See below for a description of the services we offer:

Enhancement Detail | 1.5 - 2 Days

Starting from $500
+100 for Sedans
+200 for SUV/Trucks

All non-painted surfaces are covered to prevent polish/compounds from damaging these areas. The vehicle will then receive a Single-stage polish. This will remove 60-70 percent of visible paint imperfections (micro-marring, holograms, light swirls/scratches). Prior to installing any paint protection, the vehicle is wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any residual polish or other chemicals/oils.

Two Stage Minor Correction Detail | 2 - 3 Days

Starting from $750
+100 for Sedans
+200 for SUV/Trucks

Two-stage paint minor correction detail introduces a medium/heavy abrasive compounding stage, aimed to remove serious paintwork  imperfections. Followed by a second refining stage, using a finishing polish and a soft polishing pad. The second stage aims to restore the paintwork to an incredible deep gloss finish. For most vehicles, this service will provide an amazing finish and typically achieves between 70 - 85 percent defect removal. All previous services apply.

Two Stage Major Correction (Signature Detail) | 3 - 3.5 Days

Starting from $900
+100 for Sedans
+200 for SUV/Trucks

We’re now chasing paint perfection: Multi-stage paint correction, with wet sanding where required, providing 90+ percent defect removal with the highest levels of depth, gloss, and clarity. Finish will be BETTER than that of the factory delivered condition. All previous services apply.

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Bespoke Detailing Packages

Here at SV Details we understand that pre-packaged services may not meet the needs of every customer; therefore, we're happy to provide custom packages for each of our customer's individual needs.

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