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Check out these DIY products we recommend:

Paint and Glass:

Wash Buckets (preferably two):

Wash Mitts:

Grit Guards (One for each wash bucket):

Wash Shampoo (always use pH neutral soaps!):

Microfiber Drying Towel:

Detailing Spray (use as a drying aid):

Glass Cleaner:

Glass Towels (two minimum):

Wheels and Tires:

Wheel/Rim Cleaner:

Tire Cleaner:

Tire Brush:

Barrel Brushes:

Wheel Wash Mitts:

Pressure Washers (budget to pro):

Active 2.0:

Adams :

Kranzle K1622:

Quick Disconnects:

Other tools and chemicals we use in our shop:


Rupes 15

Rupes 7.5

Rupes iBrid Nano

Rupes Rotary Polisher:

Plastic and Vinyl Restorer:

Drying Aid / Paint Protectant:

All Purpose Cleaner:

Bug Sponge

3D Bug remover Spray

Ceramic Coating Applicator pad:

Ceramic Coating "Leveling" Towels:

Recent Work: Recent Work
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